Ivana Kuzmanovic Life Coach

If you choose joy rather than suffering, achievement rather than fantasy, responsibility rather than blaming, consciousness rather than inertia and habits maintaining the state of suffering, nonfulfillment and dissatisfaction, you make the most essential decisions for a better life.

I am here to help you make them easier and faster.

I can help you start loving yourself, strengthen your confidence, change dysfunctional beliefs, make decisions and achieve your goals. I can be your guide on the journey to your essential being, your successful emotional relationships, finding your purpose and meaning of life.

I know how to lead you through the processes accompanying changes, how to be your support and additional source of energy and strength.

With knowledge about healing and energy I can help you heal your inner wounds and scars.

I am sure I can do this, as my clients, who changed their lives and who can loudly say: “This is me and I am fine”, regardless all external challenges and circumstances, free of temporary successes and failures, can testify about this. They are stable and free. Powerful. Live. Conscious!

Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony.

– Thomas Merton

* My formal education – The Faculty of Law in Belgrade


– Gestalt therapy and family constellations – 1998 – 2001 MA Slobodanka Jović
– Transactional analysis– 2001 Marina Banić
– Psychodrama – 2009-2011 Bojana Glušac
– Reiki Master – 2006 Vujadin MIljanović
– Meditation and mental sight – 2006- 2012 Zoran Gruičić
– Tai Chi Chuan–2005 – 2011 Mario Topolšek
– Healing method by Zdenko Domančić – 2013
– NLP –2015 Lidija Marković Rosati