This is my new book which is some kind of continuation of the book “From Pain to Love”. Couching technique Emotional Energetic Transformation Training was presented in this book. Cards to work with the unconscious, multi-purpose of the book and its expertise daily inspire numerous readers to grow, develop potentials and send thankful letters as a feedback.

A change does not happen by reading — it happens by applying what is written. This is why this interactive Book of Personal Changes is special. Its mission is to support you in genuine acceptance and application of everything that can help you achieve a better life.

In this book not only will you find explanations of the most common problems and obstacles in life, but also advice how to overcome them; its effectiveness is confirmed in practice – both through personal experience of the author and the clients she works with as a Life Coach.

With 80 cards of personal changes, your subconscious mind takes you to new insights, findings that encourage essential changes, because obstacles are within us, the same place where solutions are.

The Book of Personal Changes is your guide and support at the same time.

In this book you will sometimes find rest, but sometimes you will find tasks which are the keys to your new success. Some of the insights and knowledge you will confirm, but some of the new ones you will discover. You will be getting to know yourself each day in a different way. Inside and outside. Your conscious mind will become more alert, and you will be surprised by infallibility of your subconscious mind to recognize exactly what you need that moment, as well as the skills to lead you and work in your favour.