Ivana Kuzmanovic

“Everyone would want to be like you”, said my Godmother thinking of my successful career as the bestselling author of popular psychology in Serbia, my bestselling novels, thousands of thankful people who used my knowledge and skills of a Life Coach, Reiki Master and Teacher of Meditation; this also refers to my health, physical appearance and glow in the eyes reflecting on my inner serenity and joy. She also thought of my beautiful family, gorgeous son who I gave birth to at the age of 46, and husband who loves me, supports and encourages.

I replied to her: „Everyone can be like me, if they want. But it takes into account all that I had to go through to get where I am.And that is something that many people wouldn’t want.” This refers to years, rather decades of my inadequacy, disturbance, ignorance, suffering, wrong decisions and wanderings.

With this introduction I want to tell you that everything I amand I enjoy today is a result of great work, learning, and most of all – the most miscellaneous, often painful experiences that shaped me, polished and gave wings. I started to shine and learned how to fly. I realize that I could be the light at the exit of the tunnel for others, soothe the suffering, accelerate development processes and transfer techniques, skills and knowledge for a better and more conscious life.

Knowledge and experience that one cannot transfer or share with others are futile and deprived of meaning.  Therefore, by some inner call and God’s foreknowledge, I was more or less forced to write about everything,give workshops, conferences, lectures, debates and seminars.

The best moment to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best moment is NOW!

– A Chinese proverb

I have written eight books, all of which are bestsellers, and a research on Love “From Pain to Love – How I Overcome Suffering by Learning to Love Myself” which is the bestselling book in popular psychology here. “Book of Personal Changes” is following in its footsteps; it is unique in the world by the contents and interactive cards to work with the unconscious. My books are often recommended by psychotherapists, psychiatrists and clinical psychologists.

Guidelines for emotional and spiritual maturation, inspiration and impulse for new insights, readers often get in my novels (“Lemur’s Love”, “Less Than Three”, “Amor Porteño” and “In The Name of Love”), where the identification with the main characters is spontaneous and easy, and a message strong and awakening. All my books were published by the largest and most prestigious Publishing House in Serbia“Laguna”.

I am the Author of the “Emotional Energetic Transformation Training” Method – a specific combination of psychotherapeutic techniques, coaching skills, as well as knowledge and a gift in working with energies. I am a Member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), the Founder of Pomerisrca Meetings – talks about Love, a Reiki Master and Teacher of Meditation. I am a proud and thankful mother of a five-year old boy. I am approachable, open, empathetic, intuitive, warm, experienced and dedicated.

I am dedicated to my Path to emotional and spiritual development with great responsibility towards life I was given, gift and honour to become a parent and the opportunity to contribute to raising awareness and a better life on the planet.

* Formal education – The Faculty of Law in Belgrade


  • Gestalt therapy and family constellations – 1998 – 2001 MA Slobodanka Jović
  • Transactional analysis– 2001 Marina Banić
  • Psychodrama – 2009-2011 Bojana Glušac
  • Reiki Master – 2006 Vujadin MIljanović
  • Meditation and mental sight – 2006- 2012 Zoran Gruičić
  • Tai Chi Chuan–2005 – 2011 Mario Topolšek
  • Healing method by Zdenko Domančić – 2013
  • NLP –2015 Lidija Marković Rosati