In addition to “From Pain to Love”, I have also written seven other books which were published in Serbian, and some of them will soon be published in English. They are all bestsellers, and more importantly they all made visible changes in the lives of a large number of readers.

“Lemur’s love” – Dramatic love story, suggestive and touchingly honest, this book is not only one of the many women’s confessions, but serious, spiritual, enlightened facing with challenges in love. Search for a higher meaning of love is reflected in each sentence of this emotional drama that readers easily identify with and therefore are open to healing their own emotional scars.

“Less than three” – “It is a gentle and real novel about love and a soul that is hurt, passionate, pure, curious and winning. Ivana reveals the secret of that victory. This way, books change the world” – Stil Magazine.
“This book is about the goodness. Though it is about a woman of the third millennium, this book is modern, as just as it is the search for love. In the Less than three novel there are a lot of things that are deeply personal but at the same time universal to all people: love, suffering, anxiety, longing, escape to and from ourselves, hope, desires and longing for a change, for new and unfamiliar, for the One who is the beginning and the end of life”- Prof. Dr. R. Bigović

“Amor porteño” – It is a novel about adultery – “Wisdom and knowledge are not privileges of the innocent and chaste. We grow only when we are able to be mature inside and out and our virtue is real only if we are not its slaves.“
Nadja is not only a character used for the author’s ideas to come to life; she is a reflection of life, testimonial about endless artistic inspiration, emotional labyrinths, efforts to hide dark side of personality, on one hand, and faith in life and the right to authentic expression of being, on the other.
In attempt to annul contradictions in ourselves, we annul the truth about ourselves. This painful knowledge, as everyday temptation, has each of the characters in this novel.

“In the name of love” – The characters of a new novel by Ivana Kuzmanović live around us and in us. Pain and emotional scars they inherited from their parents. They became victims or hangmen. Lack of love and misunderstanding pushed them to the edge of life, sickness, isolation, destruction and sadness. Nevertheless, they managed to reverse their fate…
This book is about awakening, maturing and self-cognition. From romantically shown experiences we find out how life flows change, consciousness matures and what obstacles comes across.

“Love without illusions” – Why to believe that exactly this book in myriad of apparently similar books offers seductively a door ajar to self-cognition and safe way to happiness and love?
Because this book is warm, personal, based on experiences, and it doesn’t offer cheap and shallow solutions, because it is brave, funny and live, and above all it won’t make you think that this journey is easy. But, also, it will arguably convince you that it is worth taking, without delays, as it is a reward for those brave who dare to find what we all strive for: tranquility, love and self-awareness.

“The Book about me” – is actually the only book about you. There are 365 questions you might have never been asked before. This book will remind you of moments that are probably forgotten. You will be responding to each question again and again for five years. Imagine what surprises, excitements and discoveries are waiting for you, as well as lots of laugh, pride and gratitude. You will get to know yourself better and getting to know ourselves is a precondition of all love, so this book is intended to help you in the development of self-love – the most important love of all.