From Pain to Love: How I overcame suffering by learning to love myself

This book heals, inspires us, gives hope, strengthens our faith and supports us. It teaches us and leads, but...
Ivana Kuzmanovic

Everyone can be like me, if they want

“Everyone would want to be like you”, said my Godmother thinking of my successful career as the bestselling author of popular psychology in Serbia, my bestselling novels, thousands of thankful people who used my knowledge and skills of a Life Coach, Reiki Master and Teacher of Meditation; this also refers to my health, physical appearance and glow in the eyes reflecting on my inner serenity and joy. She also thought of my beautiful family, gorgeous son who I gave birth to at the age of 46, and husband who loves me, supports and encourages.Continue reading


Book of Personal Changes

This is my new book which is some kind of continuation of the book “From Pain to Love”. Couching technique Emotional Energetic Transformation Training was presented in this book. Cards to work with the unconscious, multi-purpose of the book and its expertise daily inspire numerous readers to grow, develop potentials and send thankful letters as a feedback.Continue reading


My Books

In addition to “From Pain to Love”, I have also written seven other books which were published in Serbian, and some of them will soon be published in English. They are all bestsellers, and more importantly they all made visible changes in the lives of a large number of readers.Continue reading